How Durags Can Give You Killer Headaches (And How To Avoid Them)

Wasssup wavers ! Lemme put you on to some action for them 360 waves….

We gonna start with durags and some basics about them.

If you get either :

A.) Headaches whenever you wear your durag

B.) A deep ass crease on your forehead and a deep line in the back of your head when you wear your durag

This is for you and you should be reading this. And you might also, be screwing up (ad having throbbing headaches).

Well, let’s start off with some basics. Most people when they wear durags at some point experience throbbing headaches, or have these deep creases on their forehead or back of their head.

Now, why does this happen?

The reason why your getting these THROBBING HEADACHES is most likely because your wearing your durag way too tight !! Wearing the durag too tight, can cause so many complications and literally give you the most pain EVER….

The durag is meant to protect your waves from lint and stuff, while keeping your wave pattern together. They’re designed to keep you fresh, and on point in a comfortable fashion.

You’re supposed to wear this as much as you can, everyday, in a comfortable fashion. Keyword, comfortable!

Not get all these crazy, THROBBING HEADACHES and DEEP CREASES!

If you see someone experience these things, they might be a rookie. But not worry, I will show you how to avoid these and be “headache free”.

So in that case, let me ask you a question. Do you wear your durag way too tight? Have you experienced a “Durag” headache before? Or the terrible creases I mentioned earlier?

These dreadful creases are horrible. If you go public places with DURAG CREASES on your forehead, then you my friend, are very brave.


So here are some ways to avoid these killer headaches and durag creases:

1. Don’t tie the strings so tight on your durag.

2. Use wave caps or tsurags. (These don’t have the strings that durags do)

Remember, people buy durags because they can control the tightness with the strings.

If you wanna be like my man here, who is a wave VETERAN…follow these durag tips.

So your action plan is:

A.) Don’t tie it super tight. Loosen it up a bit, that way your waves are secure and you are comfortable.

B.) Get something else like a wave cap or a tsurag to avoid the string.


P.S. You should be washing you durag regularly. This is your hair so you want to be clean.